Latest from the Town

Following the measures announced by the UK government Holt is now open to Celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of Year with one-of-a-kind experiences that keep safety, community and fun top of mind.

A twinkling townscape, Christmas window displays, a treasure hunt and more are happening this festive season in Holt.

Holt Lights

-- For the Christmas festivities, after a touch of magic from Santa, Holt is literally tripping the light fantastic with the much-loved lights sparkling in the trees and along the gables, gutters, and roofs of buildings throughout the town. The whole of the town centre is lit up every day to Wednesday 6 January with the glow of thousands of festive lights.

 Treasure Hunt

-- A treasure hunt is a part of the festive experience for so many people and this year, Holt is partnering with Colin, owner of The Red Dot Gallery to bring Horace McHorace and The Mysterious Pearls of Wisdom Treasure Hunt to the town starting 10 December ‘till 10 January.  A work of fiction tells of piracy on the seas of Norfolk and the hidden hoard of 1,000 golden £ coins. As the tale unfolds, it becomes apparent that the treasure can be found somewhere in Holt. A tie breaker will ensure that no one can cheat their way to victory! Entry forms available in town from 10 December..

Throughout the season, Holt shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and lodging’s will have additional events, and experiences specific to their business.