Holt Owl Trail

The Holt Owl Trail is designed to take you on a tour of the historic Georgian town with additional ‘looped trails’ which reveal some of Holt’s hidden locations.

There are 24 circular bronze plaques installed into Holt’s pavements which are numbered to take you on a circular walk around the town centre. Each bear the owl logo and a brief description of their location. A beautifully illustrated Guide, available free from shops and the Holt Tourist Information Centre, provides fascinating facts, interesting anecdotes and details of all the additional ‘looped trails’ which lead to reveal some of Holt’s hidden locations.

The initiative resulted from a joint association between Holt Town Council, Holt Chamber of Trade and The Holt Society. In 2019 a generous Market Town Initiative grant was provided by North Norfolk District Council to enable the Holt Owl Trail Guides to be republished and remain available free-of-charge.

The Holt Owl Trail derives its name from an ancient legend when some local men caught an owl and put it in the town pound for “safe-keeping”, whereupon the owl flew away.

The logo for the Holt Owl Trail was designed and kindly gifted to the project by Robert Gillmor MBE, founding member and past secretary, chairman and president of The Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA).


Baker’s & Larners Of Holt, Market Place, Holt,
Norfolk, NR25 6BW


T: 07971980422 or 01263712244