Wild Holt Life

The sound of screaming swifts flying through the warm summer air has always been a classic feature of Holt and to see these aeronautical birds travelling at speeds of 50 mph over the roof tops, we wonder at the ability of these birds to be on the wing day & night.

We are truly fortunate to live and work in a town surrounded by green spaces and in such proximity to a great deal of wildlife. Badgers, foxes, stoats and even deer are found on the edge of town.

Birds are abundant in and around Holt with a pied wagtail roost each winter in the centre of the town, a flock of 5,000 starlings in the evergreens on the southern outskirts, tawny owls in mature gardens and during the winter months the beautiful waxwing, visiting from Scandinavia, feeding on ornamental berries around the car parks and the by-pass. Then, overhead, you will often see common buzzard and red kite soaring high in the sky. Garden bird enthusiasts encourage many birds with offers of fat rich foods seeing; nuthatch, woodpeckers, coal & marsh tit, goldcrest, siskin & redpoll, blackcap, brambling, goldfinch, stock dove, blackbirds & song thrush and the sparrowhawk, to name a few.

Butterflies find homes in the mature gardens, unkept corners and roadside verges. In recent years sightings of the silver-wash fritillary have become more widespread as has the white admiral assisted with the sowing wildflowers and milder winters.

Nature needs our help to flourish. We can provide food, water & shelter and ensure that we will continue to hear the screaming Swifts, hear the chirping Sparrows and see the bright colours of our garden birds.

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